Saturday, August 11, 2012


I recently attended an Elder Law conference in Galveston, Texas.  My son and I have gone to the conference for a number of years.  Several years ago Galveston was hit by a major hurricane destroying or damaging many of the islands buildings.  One hotel, that was built on a pier over the water, was completely destroyed and set there damaged for several years.  Two years ago we noticed that the hotel was being torn down and last year the pier was being rebuilt.  This year the new pier was filled with amusement rides.  They had transformed the destruction into a Pleasure Pier, reminiscent of the boardwalk of the past.  The brightly lit roller-coaster and Ferris wheel can be seen for miles.

That is what widows have to do.  Out of the hurricane of destruction that follows the death of a spouse, we must build a new life.  For widows that can mean starting a new job, going back to school, working as a volunteer, or simply finding your passion and acting on it.

Just remember that out of the hurricanes of life each of us can build our own Pleasure Pier (read future here) complete with dazzling light and a joyful new start.
Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Award

I am excited to announce that my book, Alone and Alive, a practical guide to dealing with the death of your husband, won the 2012 Texas Association of Authors book award for Women’s Issues.
Sunday, August 5, 2012

Setting Goals

When we think about goal setting, we tend to think about business men and young people planning their lives.   But as we accommodate to the changes in our lives we often need to think about setting new goals.  For a new widow those goals may be career goals, financial goals or goals for addressing the changes in your personal life.

I recently read an article by Steve Hendon, business coach, who discussed goal settling related to the Olympic athletes.  He discusses setting challenging and specific goals:

"It's not uncommon for us to believe that goals should be realistic to be attainable, but Edwin Locke, professor emeritus at the University of Maryland, and Gary Latham, professor at the Rotman School of Business, at the University of Toronto, suggest otherwise."

 As widows it is important that we set new goals, and many of them will reach beyond our comfort zone.  When your life is irreparably changed by the death of your husband, planning for your future and setting goals is essential.  So reach beyond your comfort zone and set some goals to help you achieve a happy future.
Go to to read Steve’s whole article on goal setting.

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