Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Need Pie

Now what does pie have to do with being a widow? Last weekend, Thomas and I drove to Glen Rose, Texas, just to get away for the day. We enjoyed the rolling terrain and spent some time exploring the small downtown area. Then we found it. A shop named “Pie Peddlers”. They have homemade pies in an amazing variety of flavors and, of course, coffee or other drinks. We sat at the round table and took a chance on their pie. I had chocolate and Thomas had buttermilk pie. They were both really good. So good that we ended up taking a whole buttermilk pie home and it was as good at home as it was in the restaurant. So if you are ever in Glen Rose, Texas, stop by for some pie. But call and check their hours, they are only open three days a week.

So what does pie have to do with widowhood? Maybe, it is just more evidence that you can be happy again after your husband’s death. You may be Alone, but you are Alive. Or maybe, sometimes, we just need pie!


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