Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rview - A Journey Through Widowhood by Romaine Presnell

Presnell, Romaine, A Journey Through Widowhood, Centering Corporation, 2004.

This short book follows psychotherapist, Romaine Presnell’s, journey from grief to happiness following the death of her husband. The book is excerpts from her journal and is easy to read. It expresses her emotions and questions which were instantly recognizable as feelings and questions I had after the death of my husband.

Ms. Presnell express her feeling of uncertainty, pointing out that she was neither young nor old when she became a widow. Perhaps the most striking thing about the book is her honest portrayal of the questions she asked as her emotions changed. Her journey clearly illustrates many of the expected reactions, from emptiness to anger, that the new widow feels.

But perhaps the best message the book provides is one of hope. We see the author emerge whole and happy following her long journey through grief. It is a journey I can identify with and an ending I recognize also. I have emerged from my grief whole and enjoying life, as has the author.

I can highly recommend this small book to anyone who has lost a spouse. I provides the reassurance we all need that the sadness is normal and that it won’t last forever!


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