Saturday, June 11, 2011

Living Reminders

Yesterday my son and I were on the highway and Thomas was driving. He periodically went “weeeeeeeee,” like a kid on a ride, as we came down a steep ramp. About the 3rd time he did this I had to laugh. My husband used to make the same sound especially on switchbacks in the mountains. Thomas was to young to have learned the behavior so I can only assume it is an inherited part of his personality.

Widows often find themselves reminded of their deceased husbands in the action and mannerisms of their children. Depending on where you are in your grief the reminder can be painful and bring tears, or it can bring a smile. Coming up on the ten year mark, this expression of driving enjoyment made me laugh. I remembered all the great times Bob and I had traveling together. I have to show Thomas the vacation video that demonstrates Bob’s “weeeeeeee” and the two of us can laugh together!


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