Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day - More than Cookouts

Memorial Day is viewed by many of us as the beginning of summer. We see the promise of long lazy days, cookouts, swimming and camping. The promise of something more than the winter cold. I confess to spending time with my family and enjoying a day off from work. But this year is a little different. My in-laws are camping and my son is in France on tour with the Austin College A’Cappella Choir, so I am alone. It is one of the changes that comes with being a widow.

While being alone on a holiday is viewed b y many as sad and lonely, it hasn’t been for me. I have taken the time to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day. I have reviewed all the gifts I have as a result of the men and women who chose to serve our country.

Though I am a women alone, I have the ability to support myself and am not forced to live off the charity of others. I have the right to vote and make my voice heard. I have abundant freedoms which I hold dear because there have always been brave people who defended those rights. The transition from couple to single is hard (see Chapter 7 of my book, Alone and Alive,) but I am grateful for those who fought to provide me with a safe future.

Thanks to all the men and women of our armed forces, past, present and those yet to come.

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